For Residents

I can't login to my account.
If you are using the Zego mobile app, hit the "reset password button" on the login screen. Enter the email you used to setup your Zego account. You should then receive an email containing a password reset link.
If you are trying to login to your unit from our website, then you should click the "Don't remember your password" link on the login page. Then enter the email you used to setup your Zego account. You should receive an email with a link to reset your password.
I just moved in. How do I setup my account?
Contact your property manager or landlord. Once they have setup your account in our system, you will get an activation email with a sign-up link for your apartment unit. Once your unit is activated, you just need to download the Zego app from the iOS/Android store and then login.
My apartment doesn't have Zego. How can I get it?
Tell your landlord to contact us. Or, you can shoot us an email at contact@casa.iq with the contact information for your property and we'll reach out to them.
I'm logged in, but I don't see any devices.
Make sure that your Zego hub is plugged into your router or modem and the power is connected. Try unplugging the power, waiting 15 seconds, and then reconnecting.
If you still don't see any devices, contact us either by chatting with one of our support reps through the mobile app, or emailing us at support@casa.iq. Someone will reach out to ASAP to provide assistance.
I can see my device, but it's not responding.
First, make sure that your device is connected or it has ample battery life (if it's a lock - you can see it just below the lock icon in the mobile app). If the device appears to be connected and has power, try unplugging your hub for 15 seconds and then plugging it back in.
If the device is still not responding, contact us at support@casa.iq or chat with one of our support reps by clicking support in the mobile app navigation menu (or on www.casa.iq).
I need to give someone a temporary lock code. How do I make a one?
From the lock device page on the mobile app, click the plus symbol in the top right corner. You can provision a new code and set the duration you would like it to be active for there.
DO NOT ever give anyone your door code. It is the same as a key. Anyone who has it can enter your apartment, and since it is not assigned to any specific person other than yourself, you won't know who is coming or going.

For Admins

I just installed the devices in a new unit, how do I set it up?
Login to your property from the admin portal and go to the units page. Search for the unit. If it doesn't already exist, click the nav menu on the right. You should see a "Setup" link. Click that and it will take you to the Setup Application which will walk you through each step of the setup process one step at a time.
If the unit does already exist (it's just inactive) go to the unit you just installed the devices in, and then click "add devices". The unit setup interface will launch and walk you through how to setup the devices and unit.
Someone moved out. How do I turnover the unit?
Go to that unit in the admin portal, click edit in the top right of the unit section, then delete the user from the unit. Once you have done that, if the unit is vacant, all lock codes other than original master code will be deactivated automatically. You will only be able to access the unit with the original master code created during setup (visible only by admins or Zego support).
When a new tenant moves in, go to the unit page and click add user (the plus symbol in the top right). Input the new tenant's email, and they should be good to go.
One of my vacant units is not responding.
Make sure that the hub in the vacant unit is still plugged in. Try resetting it by unplugging for 15 seconds. If that still doesn't work, reach out to your customer support rep and they will be able to provide assistance.
How do I setup a common area?
Exactly the same way you would setup a new unit. From your property home page, click the plus symbol in the top right to open the new unit setup interface. From there, select "Common" instead of "Residential" in the first step, then follow the remaining setup steps just as you would for a normal unit.