We are happy to announce the certification of Zego as a Realpage Exchange AppPartner. Zego is proud to be the first and only smart apartment technology company with this Realpage certification.

The Realpage Exchange AppPartner program integrates software and hardware solutions that are fully compatible with the Realpage platform. While Zego has integrated with Realpage’s API for some time, the integration was not “certified”. For our customers, this meant they had to sign a separate contract with Realpage for each property integration as well as pay a monthly fee to set up each API integration.

Zego customers now enjoy a simple and free integration with Realpage. Realpage customers can activate the Zego integration with a few clicks inside their Realpage account.

For apartment technology companies like Zego, integrating with a customer’s core accounting system, whether it’s Yardi, Realpage, Resman, etc. is a must. Managing data in two systems is simply not a viable option for property managers. We previously wrote about our integration with Resman and the benefits it provides. Our Realpage and Yardi integrations are very similar.

The benefits and efficiencies of a certified integration are significant. By automatically syncing resident data from Realpage to Zego, Realpage continues to be the primary data store. This makes work simpler for managers as they only have to manage the data (whether it’s property, resident, or maintenance data) in one place. Zego simplifies work orders by funneling them directly from the Zego Resident App to Realpage where maintenance staff completes the work order in the same way they did before. Zego tracks the work order status and informs residents every step of the way so they know when it’s completed.

For units with smart home technology installed, another integration benefit includes vacant unit automation. As soon as a unit goes vacant in Realpage, it automatically becomes vacant in Zego. Zego can be used to automatically turn off lights, reset lock codes, and automate HVAC operation in all vacant units.

Zego is setting the standard for the “resident app” in apartment communities. We have created the first all-in-one mobile solution that integrates smart home technology, communication, rent payment, work orders, local services, and more, within a single app residents love to use.

If you are currently using Realpage or you would like to learn more about the Zego Resident App, please contact us to schedule a demo and learn more about Zego and how we can work together to achieve your goals.

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