Everyone knows employee turnover is high at the property level. As a result, each property’s technology stack needs to be as simple as possible to ease new employee onboarding and ongoing training.

As we build Zego, this idea of simplicity is a core product development principle. We want to avoid creating a separate system of record for property managers to maintain. At the end of the day, we want property staff to spend less time dealing with software and more time interacting with residents. This allows them to focus on revenue-generating activities like leasing units, driving renewals, and up-selling residents on additional services like Zego Smart (our smart home amenity package).

Together with one of our larger clients, S2 Capital, We worked with ResMan to develop an integration that would make it incredibly easy for S2 to integrate Zego into their property’s tech stack. With a modern and well documented API, ResMan is one of the more popular and easy to work with property management SaaS products. Now, when we onboard a new ResMan client, all we need is their ResMan account information. Once we have that, we can automatically populate Zego with resident and property data in minutes and the data will always stay in sync - ResMan continues to be the primary system of record for property managers.

S2 Capital, based in Dallas, owns and manages roughly 14,000 units across Texas and Florida. S2 prides itself on leveraging technology to increase efficiency, whether it’s in acquisitions, financing, construction, or property management. That tech-first approach is one of the reasons they chose ResMan as their PMS - they wanted to “love their software” - as opposed to being frustrated by its inability to play nicely with other technology they used in their portfolio.

We originally went with ResMan because we liked ResMan’s willingness to integrate with other vendors that we use.

Michele Flores, Chief Operating Officer of S2.

Once the integration is live, residents are automatically onboarded to Zego. We automate the process of engaging with residents to get them to install the app via SMS and email until their accounts are activated. As soon as a new lease is signed, the future resident immediately receives their invitation to download the Zego Resident app and activate their account. We can even start offering move-in related services and Zego Smart to residents before they officially move-in. On the other end of the lease, when a resident moves out, they are automatically removed from Zego. The lock codes are changed and the unit automatically transitions to vacant status so the thermostat and other devices do not continue to consume energy.

Not only does this make life easier for property managers, it’s also great for residents. Residents now have one app to interact with at their property. We surveyed several of our customers and learned they have as many as three different apps or web portals residents need to interact with. Once residents have the Zego Resident app installed they can:

  • Pay rent and view their current balance
  • View leasing details and property documents/policies
  • Submit maintenance requests and after-hours support requests
  • Receive notifications in the Zego app related to work orders and property-wide notices
  • Chat with their property management staff
  • Control their smart home devices or sign-up for Zego Smart if they haven’t already.
Residents can pay rent, submit maintenance requests, and chat with their property managers from the Resident App.

All of this is a great benefit to the resident and management staff, but it’s also great for the property’s bottom-line. Residents can sign up for Zego Smart and utilize other services (dog walking, apartment cleaning, renters insurance, and more) through the Resident app on their own, all driving ancillary revenue to increase NOI.

If you are currently using ResMan, please contact us to schedule a demo and learn more about Zego and how we can work together to achieve your goals. If you would like to learn more about ResMan, please click here to request more information.

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